Massage Therapy

Please call for appointment availability.

Thirty Minute Session:
Used for focused work on the body, normally the back.
30 minutes – $40

Swedish Massage:
A relaxing massage that involves Swedish techniques that has many benefits including increasing circulation.
60 minutes – $70       90 minutes – $110

Deep Tissue or Neuromuscular Massage:
A deeper, more specific massage to relieve tension and adhesions. The deeper pressure is most beneficial to people with chronic muscle tension and knots.
60 minutes – $80       90 minutes – $115

Hot Stone Massage:
A massage using heated basalt stones to add heat and deeper pressure to relieve tension in the muscles.
60 minutes – $90      90 minutes – $125

A removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, helps maintain healthy skin.
60 minutes – $100

Treatment involving the application of skin cleansing ingredients to the body, then wrapped in hot towels.
60 minutes – $100